December 21, 2020

DIY Christmas Wreath Workshop via Zoom

DIY Christmas Wreath Workshop via Zoom

This was the first year we have been asked to do virtual Christmas Wreath Workshops for a couple of businesses that wanted to treat their staff over the Christmas period! 

Having only ever done face to face workshops, we were a little apprehensive on how well it would work. Turns out, it was a great success and we are already planning more online workshops for 2021!

Our first online workshop was with 52 employees from the company Moneybox, they decided to do a virtual workshop as a compromise for missing out on a Christmas party! Each person was posted our their own box full of Christmas scented dried fruits, berries, seasonal foliage & velvet ribbon so they had everything they needed to make a Christmas wreath from scratch! The workshop lasted around an hour and a half, giving everyone enough time to follow along without getting behind! We also included an instruction card, just in case! 

The second was for a smaller team of 8 from Kennedy Wilson, the beauty of an online workshop means that there is no limitations on how many people can attend!

If you would like to organise a seasonal online workshop for your friends/ employees. Please get in touch or subscribe for more information on workshops.