• DIY Christmas Wreath Workshop via Zoom

    DIY Christmas Wreath Workshop via Zoom

    This was the first year we have been asked to do virtual Christmas Wreath Workshops for a couple of businesses that wanted to treat their staff over the Christmas period! 

    Having only ever done face to face workshops, we were a little apprehensive on how well it would work. Turns out, it was a great success and we are already planning more online workshops for 2021!

    Our first online workshop was with 52 employees from the company Moneybox, they decided to do a virtual workshop as a compromise for missing out on a Christmas party! Each person was posted our their own box full of Christmas scented dried fruits, berries, seasonal foliage & velvet ribbon so they had everything they needed to make a Christmas wreath from scratch! The workshop lasted around an hour and a half, giving everyone enough time to follow along without getting behind! We also included an instruction card, just in case! 

    The second was for a smaller team of 8 from Kennedy Wilson, the beauty of an online workshop means that there is no limitations on how many people can attend!

    If you would like to organise a seasonal online workshop for your friends/ employees. Please get in touch or subscribe for more information on workshops. 






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  • Welcome to Hillside Farm Flowers

    Hillside Farm Flowers


    This is my first blog post so I thought I would tell you a bit more about the back story of Hillside Farm Flowers...

    I set Hillside Farm Flowers up from the greenhouse on our farm in the Cotswolds during the first lock down. I had previously worked in Business development as well as a career as an Operations & Events Manager and lockdown provided me with the perfect opportunity to move back to the farm and take the leap to starting a business that I was passionate about!

    I've always known I wanted to set up a flower business but I also wanted one that I knew would be beneficial to other small businesses and one that would contribute towards being environmentally friendly. I also think seeing the affects of Covid on businesses made me realise the importance of supporting each other and being as self sufficient as possible. 

    I try to source all my packaging and produce from small businesses that are local or from the UK. I forage as much as possible and I am currently making plans to set up my own cutting patch in the Spring. 

    Having spent my entire life growing up on a working farm and understanding the hard work and commitment that goes into farming, means I am passionate about promoting British farming and supporting the industry where I can which is one of the main reasons why I use wool. Wool is an integral part of Hillside Farm Flowers. I wash the wool by hand and use it as protective packaging. Wool is a miracle fabric because it is so rapidly renewable, biodegradable and recyclable which is why I have been eager to incorporate it into my work! I feel that wool doesn't get the limelight it deserves and it should definitely be used more often!! 

    I hope this has provided you with a little insight into Hillside Farm Flowers. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss anything. I am always keen to collaborate with other like minded businesses. 






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